About Us

Region 9 School-Based Health Centers (SBHCs) provide physical and behavioral healthcare and promote health awareness for students in the Region 9 member schools (Corona, Carrizozo, Capitan, Hondo, Ruidoso, Tularosa, and Cloudcroft). The SBHC offers students medical attention when they need it, catching problems like asthma and depression now, preventing bigger problems later. Most importantly, they keep students healthy and in class so they can learn what they need to know to succeed in life. The SBHC is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of providers including nurse practitioners, behavioral health counselors, social workers, alcohol and drug counselors, psychiatrists, and other health professionals. These comprehensive, accessible and high-quality services add measurable value to the health of students. 

Our Providers

Behavioral Health Team:

Physical Health:

Cost for Services

Students and children in the member districts of Region 9 Education Cooperative receive care at the SBHC for no cost. New Mexico Medicaid is billed for the services of those students and children who have Medicaid coverage in order to offset some of the cost of care.

Adults (family of students, school staff, R9 staff) may receive Primary Care and Medication Management at SBHC for a fee of $30 per visit.


The SBHC brings the doctor/counselor to the school, improving access to critically needed care right where children learn and grow. Furthermore, research shows that adolescents are at least 10 times more likely to come to a SBHC for behavioral health services than to visit a community health provider. Students may access physical, behavioral, or substance abuse services at the SBHC either on their own or by referral from their school nurse, counselor, a teacher, or a parent/guardian. Although the SBHC asks parents to sign written consents for their children to enroll in the SBHC, according to New Mexico State Law:

“Parental consent is not required for, and lack thereof shall not bar children from receiving the following services: pregnancy testing, diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, family planning services and Human Immunodeficiency Virus testing, pursuant to Section 24-10-2, Section 24-1-13.1, Section 24-8-5, and Section 24-1-9 NMSA 1978, and 42 USC Section 300 et seq., Section 59, Section 1201 et seq., and Section 1396 et seq. 

New Mexico state law also permits students over 14 years old to consent to mental health counseling on their own, pursuant to Section 32A-6-14 NMSU 1978.”

The SBHC recognizes the increasing number of children and adolescents who not only lack access to health care but also need care that is culturally and age-sensitive, confidential, safe, and affordable. All of the SBHC services are provided on a sliding fee scale, but no one will be denied services regardless of their ability to pay, insurance coverage, or lack thereof. Region 9 SBHCs are contracted with Medicaid Managed Care Organizations and will bill Medicaid if appropriate.

Academic Outcomes

Students perform better when they show up for class healthy and ready to learn. Research shows that SBHCs help students avoid health-related absences and offers support to help them succeed in the classroom. It is well-accepted that healthier children make better students.

The collaboration of the physical and behavioral health providers contributes to the overall health of each individual student that comes to the SBHC by treating acute and chronic illnesses along with addressing any identified behavioral health issues.