Students can access services at the SBHC when they:

Primary Care

The SBHC provides primary health care in collaboration with other health care agencies including the student’s primary care provider (PCP). Services include well-child checks, sports physicals, diagnosis and treatment of acute illnesses or injury, health education, some lab work (e.g. rapid strep testing, urinalysis), and referral to community providers. A signed parental consent form must be on file at the SBHC for the student to receive primary health care, and the student’s parent/guardian will be contacted concerning any diagnosis or treatment including any administration of prescription or over-the-counter medications.

The patient’s PCP will also be notified of the visit and outcomes unless the patient requests otherwise. Our SBHC is committed to sharing information about current medications and pertinent medical history among providers who are seeing the same patient in order to ensure quality health care. The student may be referred to his or her PCP or to a specialist for any necessary follow-up care. 

Confidential services such as family planning and STD testing are also available and can be provided under New Mexico law with only the student’s consent. Please know that the SBHC makes every effort to encourage discussion between the student and parent/guardian regarding these issues.

Behavioral Health Care

The SBHC offers a variety of on-site and telehealth services including behavioral health and substance abuse counseling, psychiatric evaluations, and medication management. The SBHC employs an on-site child psychiatrist that comes to the SBHC one week out of each month along with counselors and social workers who are available five days a week throughout the school year and as needed during school breaks.

The providers offer a variety of therapies including: one-on-one counseling, group counseling, family therapy, consultations, and case management. These services are comprehensive and fully address student's individual behavioral health needs. The interdisciplinary team of providers is enhanced by an inclusive partnership between community providers, the Department of Health, universities, and local school staff. This partnership provides for optimal collaboration, oversight, supervision, and backup for both physical and mental health providers as well as an opportunity to offer a full spectrum of behavioral health services.

Confidential Behavioral Health services may be undertaken with parental consent for children 13 years old and younger. Under New Mexico law, persons 14 years and older may consent to their own mental health care. Please know that SBHC encourages students to talk to their parents/guardians concerning these issues.

Prevention, Education, and Awareness

The SBHC presents a range of prevention, education, and awareness programs throughout the school year. These programs are designed for target audiences, are presented by peers, SBHC staff, or invited guests and may be incorporated as a part of the regular school day. The goal is to provide fully integrated prevention and early intervention for youth and families helping them to make healthier choices in their everyday lives.